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We are a fully subscribed Jigsaw school who receive regular updates to our curriculum to ensure it meets national statutory requirements.

Through PSHE the children are learning how to best take care of themselves in terms of their well-being in order to be happy, healthy and to thrive in the best possible way. 

If you would like a copy of any of the Jigsaw plans for any year group, please contact your child’s class teacher.

For more information about the Jigsaw scheme, you could also download a factsheet for parents and carers. Click here to access a guide to the Jigsaw PSHE approach for parents and carers.

As of September 2020 Relationship and Health education has become statutory in England, Click here to see what is required to be taught. There is also a leaflet to further explain the approach to the Relationships and Sex Education element of PSHE. Please download it here . There is also a parents’ guide on Relationship and Health Education that you can access here . We have provided a letter to parents/carers outlining the importance of Relationship and Health Education being taught in school, you can download it here.

Click here to find out what Jigsaw teaches about LGBTQ+ relationships.


At Broad Square Primary School, our aim is to deliver a PSHE scheme that enables children to develop a good sense of themselves and people around them. Our intent is to provide them with the tools they will need to handle a multitude of different situations. Through our PSHE teaching we enable our children to become independent, healthy and responsible members of society. Through our PSHE teachings it will help children become aware of how they are developing personally and how this might affect their emotions. Our intent is to make them aware of cultural, moral and social issues that might surround them as they grow up and give them the tools they may need to handle these issues in a responsible and respectful manner. Through our PSHE teachings children will learn about their own rights and responsibilities that they have and how to develop their ideas and beliefs in order to play a positive role in contributing to their wider community. Our intent is to provide children with the opportunities to explore their own self-worth and how they can be instrumental in building a positive school life and a positive community.


Our school has chosen to deliver PSHE through the scheme ‘Jigsaw’. This scheme of work begins in the Early Years and goes right up to Year 6 in where all children are learning the same topic at the same time but tailored to their needs at an age-appropriate level. Each year their previous knowledge is built upon and developed.

The scheme is split into 6 ‘puzzles’

  • Being me in my own world
  • Celebrating differences
  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships
  • Changing me

Each ‘puzzle’ tackles different issues that children may face personally, socially or economically as well as how and why their health is important.

Throughout the school PSHE is recorded in floor books, these floor books show a development of work related to each ‘puzzle’ as well as some responses children have had when having discussions during the lesson.

At Broad Square we value the importance of the lessons PSHE teaches and is therefore taught weekly. Also when opportunity arises for cross-curricular links or if a particular issue is raised in a class extra PSHE will be taught.


Through PSHE our children are developing a deeper understanding of themselves, their self-worth and how they can impact others and society for the better. PSHE education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive. They learn about their own personal responsibilities they have to themselves and their families as well as responsibility they have to positively affect the society they live in.

Our children are learning to develop respect; respect for themselves and others. Learning that everybody is different and that is okay, everyone has their own strengths that have a positive impact. They will also learn about the changes they may face in terms of RSE and give them the knowledge and tools to help them face these changes.

Through PSHE the children are learning how to best take care of themselves in terms of their well-being in order to be happy, healthy and to thrive in the best possible way. 

As an inclusive school, we strive to ensure that all pupils are able to access a broad and balanced PSHE curriculum offer. Pupils with SEND are supported within lessons to ensure that a ceiling is not put on their learning. This is achieved through regular retrieval activities, over learning of vocabulary and different ways of recording evidence of learning. Where adaptations are necessary, these are planned carefully by the teacher to ensure that each pupil has rigour within their curriculum.

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