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Music Curriculum Statement


At Broad Square Primary School, our aim is to deliver a fun and creative music curriculum that enables children to develop a love of music.

Our curriculum aims to ensure pupils become exposed to a variety of music and in the process can learn to perform, listen to, review, and evaluate them.

We believe it is important for children to explore music through the practical use of tuned and untuned instruments wherever possible!

We aim to offer a range of music opportunities outside of the classroom to encourage ALL our pupils to develop their self-confidence as well as musical talents. These include choir clubs, opportunities to learn a range of musical instruments and whole school events such as ‘Sing Up Day’ that allow us to come together and celebrate music!

Our curriculum aims to provide children with experiential learning in order to deepen their understanding of musical concepts. We also believe it is vital for musicians, professional or otherwise, to perform and inspire our pupils.

As language is a key focus in our school, we aim to provide children with rich and specific vocabulary linked to music and an understanding of its meaning so it can be applied within music sessions and beyond.


Our school has chosen to deliver music using The Kapow Musical Scheme. It is ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers and provides lesson plans, clear progression and engaging and exciting whiteboard resources to support every lesson. The Scheme supports all the requirements of the national curriculum.

We are currently developing a mastery approach across our school curriculum and believe this scheme supports this fully. Kapow Musical School Units of Work enable children to understand musical concepts through a holistic approach, with the following individual strands; performing, listening, composing, history of music and the interrelated dimensions of music. Woven together, these strands create an engaging and enriching learning experience. Each five lesson strands ensures that children will be taught how to sing fluently and expressively, play tuned and untuned instruments accurately and with control, interrelated dimensions of music -pitch, duration, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and dynamics. All of which will be evident through improvisations and compositions.

Our music curriculum is delivered on a weekly basis with each session lasting 45 minutes.

Children are encouraged to begin or continue developing their ability to play an instrument outside of these year groups. Create Music provide weekly guitar and ukulele sessions to small groups from year 2 up to year 6.

We feel it especially important to offer music activities to ALL children regardless of their background.

We provide other musical opportunities outside of the classroom. KS1 and KS2 are encouraged to join our school choirs where they can develop their singing abilities as well as their confidence when performing to others within the local community. We also include music in as many whole events as possible, making music an integral part of our school ethos.


Our children are developing a real love for music through fun, practical music sessions. This is evident in class.

Our pupils are getting involved in lots of different musical experiences and are growing in self-confidence! Our choirs are a perfect example of this during their performances at the local church and residential home.

As a school, we carry out regular monitoring and assessment in order to inform future developments in music. This means we are always striving to improve and develop the music provision we offer our pupils.


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