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About Us


The Governing Board of Broad Square Primary School is made up of volunteers from the local and wider community, plus the Headteacher and Deputy Head, other members of the school`s Senior Leadership team, a member of staff, and two parent/carer governors who are elected by the parent/carer body.

The role of the Governing Board is defined in its constitution.

Governors carry out their roles and responsibilities through committees.

There are three committees

These are:

  • Full Governing Board which meets normally 5 times a year
  • Finance and Resources
  • Pay and Performance

The main work of the governing Board is outlined below:

  • Supporting the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership team in setting and reviewing the school`s aims, policies and strategic direction, and meeting the challenges of running the school
  • Undertaking the Headteacher’s performance management and monitoring the impact of staff appraisal
  • Monitoring the well-being of pupils & staff
  • Supporting school leaders` vision for improving the standards of learning, teaching and pupil achievement
  • Agreeing the school’s budget and monitoring the impact of expenditure on the quality of teaching, pupil achievement and the learning environment
  • Supporting the appointment of all staff
  • Getting to know the school well and being ambassadors for it in the community
  • Dealing with complaints about the school

Governors do not manage the school; professionals are employed to do this. Governors provide support and challenge and hold the school to account.

Governors sign a Code of Conduct each year – which outlines our responsibilities and the values and principles of undertaking a public service.

The Year 2020 – 2021 People keep saying “a year unlike any other”.

From March 2020 to August 2021, we all faced the continuous challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and some of these challenges remain as we move forward this year. The governors at Broad Square Primary School continued to work closely with the Headteacher and all staff to ensure we support the relevant government regulations while trying to make school life as normal as possible for our pupils.

Last year the governors continued to meet (using ‘Zoom’) to monitor the school’s response to Covid-19 as well as ensuring that the school continued to make progress despite the challenges of the pandemic.

The governors recognise the difficulties faced by parents and carers and their determination to overcome them.

The children have been amazing, showing determination and extraordinary resilience.

The Senior Leadership team in partnership with the staff and parents/carers are monitoring the children`s wellbeing to ensure that Covid does not impact on their progress or on their enjoyment of life.

All the staff have had to deal with Covid challenges in their own lives but this has not dampened their enthusiasm or energy. School remains a happy and stimulating environment where children can grow and learn.

Jean Sloan, Chair of Governors 1st October 2021


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