Safeguarding Statement

‘Broad Square Primary School ensures children learn in a safe, caring and enriching environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop positive and healthy relationships, how to avoid situations where they might be at risk including by being exploited. Our school also has a statutory responsibility to share any concerns it might have about a child in need of protection with other agencies and in particular police, health and children’s services. Schools are not able to investigate concerns but have a legal duty to refer them. In most instances school will be able to inform the parents/carer of its need to make a referral. However, sometimes our school is advised by children’s services or police that the parent/carer cannot be informed whilst they investigate the matter. We understand the anxiety parents/carers understandably feel when they are not told about any concerns from the outset. The school follows legislation that aims to act in the interests of the child. Our school will always seek to work in partnership with parents and other agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child and family.’

Meet The Teacher Sessions - September 2018

At the beginning of the academic year, it is reassuring for parents/carers to meet their child’s new class teacher and teaching assistant as early as possible. This year we have held parent/carer meetings for Y1 to Y6. For parents and carers who were not able to make the sessions, and for those who would like to refer back to the key messages, we have uploaded the presentations below.

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Apps and internet sites change rapidly. It is vital that parents and carers take time regularly to familiarise themselves with the latest technology. Additional guidance can be found at: Please do take the time to access some of this important information at home and spend some time discussing with your child.

Please download the latest copy of the magazine ‘Digital Parenting’ here

You can find more information regarding e-safety check out and at

It is crucial that you regularly check your child’s devices to ensure that messages they send or are sent by others are appropriate. If you have any concerns regarding this, please inform the school’s Safeguarding officers, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Jones or Mr. Singleton.

Forms & Information

School Lunches

School meals are provided by Chartwells and are cooked on site every day. Please click here to find out more about the company and what they aim to achieve.

Menus are offered on a three week cycle and can be obtained via the school office or the link below. The food provided is designed to be healthy and well-balanced. Children have the choice of a hot meal, vegetarian option, sandwiches and jacket potatoes.  There are also regular meals to celebrate special events throughout the school year.

For the latest menu, please click here.

All children in Reception and KS1 are entitled to free school meals under the Universal Free School Meal entitlement; but if you are in receipt of benefits please still make an application for free school meals as you will be supporting the school towards Pupil Premium fundingThis will also mean that when your child enters KS2 (Yr3 - Yr6) your child will automatically be entitled to free school meals and no further application will be necessary unless your circumstances change.

Early Years / Foundation Stage

  • Within this reading workshop document you will find strategies that help when reading with your child.

  • The document covers first reading books, books with and without words and early phonics.