RG's Class Work

Welcome to RG’s Class page! Here you will find out about the work we do, and the fun learning experiences that we have.

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Autumn Term

We went on a walk around our school grounds to look for signs of Autumn. It was very windy and the leaves were falling from the trees! We found different coloured leaves on the ground and talked about why they had changed colour. We also found some conkers and acorns. We will continue to learn about Autumn in class by exploring our Autumn tray – it is full of interesting things!

We like to visit our school library. Here we are learning to hold books correctly and turn the pages. We are learning how to use the illustrations to help us to tell the story. We are developing a love for reading and enjoying an increasing range of books.

We learned about our body, our five senses, and how to keep healthy. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. We made healthy vegetable soup – it was delicious!

For Halloween, we had lots of fun taking part in different activities. We practised counting with spooky objects. We dressed up in scary costumes and wrote about the character we were dressed as. We made spooky jelly and observed and discussed what was happening to the jelly as we made it. Finally, we had a party, ate lots of tasty food, and had a fantastic time dancing and playing games.

We love playing and learning in the outdoors. We enjoy going on the adventure trim-trail, where we can practise our gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and eye-hand-foot coordination. Here we are developing our balancing skills.

We visited the Grotto at Croxteth Park Farm and met Father Christmas and his elves! We had a great time and made lots of wonderful memories.

We ended the year with our Nativity performance. Our families came to watch us sing, act and dance and we made them, and all of our teachers, very proud!


Spring Term

We have been reading and learning about different Traditional Tales.

Jack and the Beanstalk

We planted broad bean seeds and talked about what they would need to grow.

The Gingerbread Man

We decorated gingerbread men and enjoyed eating them – yum yum!

The Three Bears

We made and ate porridge, just like the bears in the story! We helped to measure the correct amounts of porridge oats and milk, and to mix the ingredients together. We then watched the mixture as it was heated in the microwave and talked about the changes that were occuring.

Dental Health

We had visitors from our local Sure Start Centre to talk to us about dental health. We learnt about the importance of brushing our teeth and keeping our mouths healthy. We also talked about the foods that we can eat that are good for our teeth.

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year – the year of the Dog. We learnt about how people celebrate by watching videos and looking at pictures. We made Chinese lanterns and lucky envelopes. We went outside to perform a Dragon dance. We also tasted delicious Chinese food!