RD's Autumn 1 Class Work

We have had a busy half term and our topic ‘Ourselves’ really helped us to get to know the children and their interests, likes and dislikes. Through our topic we have looked at how we are all different, special and unique. The children created lovely self-portrait drawings by looking at their facial features carefully in the mirror, and selecting the appropriate colours for their portraits. We discussed how we have changed and grown and the children enjoyed bringing in baby and toddler photographs of themselves from home, and sharing and discussing their photographs with their friends and teachers.

We have been learning about our body, our five senses, and how to keep healthy and fit. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and tasted a variety of different fruits. We made healthy fruit smoothies and vegetable soup – they were delicious! We used the knives carefully to chop the fruit and vegetables. The children also created lists of the ingredients they used. We discussed safety measures when cooking and the importance of hygiene when preparing food.

The children have really enjoyed using the outdoor environment to move their bodies in different ways and practise their physical gross motor skills, co-ordination and balancing skills.

We discussed seasonal changes and we went on an autumn walk around school to look for signs of autumn. We created beautiful autumn leaf prints and autumn transient art creations. Some of the children also enjoyed visiting local parks with their parents and bringing in conkers, acorns, pine cones and leaves to add to our class autumn tray for further exploration and discussion.

We have been learning about patterns, shapes and numbers. We made repeated pattern caterpillars and necklaces by threading spools and beads onto laces. Through this activity, the children also practised their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. We went on a shape hunt around our school and we are learning about 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes. The children also enjoy our daily number songs and counting activities. The children enjoy counting activities in both our indoor and outdoor classroom environments. The children have also enjoyed looking for numbers and shapes at home through our homework activities.

We enjoy looking at books in our class reading area and also in the school library and we are developing our early reading skills. The children are learning how to hold and handle books correctly and how to turn the pages carefully. They are also learning how to use the illustrations to help to tell the story and are even beginning to use their phonic knowledge to read some words. We love story time and the children are developing a love for reading through a range of books.

The children have enjoyed mark-making in the outdoor area and they are doing really well with holding and controlling one-handed tools to write letters of the alphabet and letters from their names.

The children have really enjoyed P.E this half-term and they have enjoyed playing lots of different ring games and games with the parachute. They have worked well together and followed the instructions to the games well. We discussed the importance of physical activity and exercise for a healthy body and we observed and discussed the effects physical activity has on our bodies. The children are trying very hard to dress and undress for P.E and they are becoming more independent with this each week.

RD's Autumn 2 Class Work

This half term we have been learning about celebrations and festivals. We learnt about how some people celebrate various events and festivals. We celebrated Halloween at the beginning of the topic. The children (and staff!) really enjoyed our Halloween dress-up day and the children did some fantastic writing work about the characters that they had dressed up as and also writing their own potions. The children also enjoyed counting Halloween objects into the cauldron. We made ‘spooky jelly’ and the children observed and discussed what was happening to the jelly as we made it. The children also enjoyed making pumpkin puppets and mixing their own orange paint to paint their pumpkin pictures. They explored, observed and discussed the colour mixing process and we also explored how to make lighter and darker shades of orange.

We discussed how some people celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. The children made clay Diwa candles and created their own Mehndi hand designs and Rangoli patterns using an art program on the computer. We also looked at other festivals of light, including bonfire night. We learnt about keeping safe around fireworks and bonfires and we read the firework code and the Welephant safety story. The children also enjoyed making chocolate apples.

As the weather turned colder we discussed seasonal changes and winter. The children created beautiful winter prints, winter collage scenes and clay penguins.

We ended our topic with a wonderful visit to the grotto at Croxteth Park Farm. The children really enjoyed visiting Father Christmas and the elves in the grotto. We were very lucky and even got to stroke and feed some of the farm animals.

The children took part in an EYFS Nativity Christmas performance and they all performed superbly for their parents, relatives and staff. The children worked very hard to learn all of the songs and dances and they made us all very proud.

We all had a fantastic time at the Christmas party and the children were very excited to have a visit from Father Christmas. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

RD’s Spring 1 class work

This half term we have been learning about traditional tales and stories through our topic ‘Once upon a time’.  The children really enjoyed this topic and they liked writing about their favourite stories and bringing in some of their favourite books to share with the class at story time.  We have been discussing the structure of these stories, the different characters, and the children have enjoyed joining in with some of the repeated refrains.  Some of the children incorporated the traditional tales into their imaginative play by acting out a narrative, and the children have enjoyed our class role-play and puppet theatre activities.

We read ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ story and the children worked hard making masks and puppets to act out the story.  They worked in groups to create a bridge using different construction sets and worked together to retell the story in the correct sequence.  We also used different instruments to help to retell the story, using particular instruments to represent the different characters and key parts of the story.   We discussed and explored how the different instruments can be played to create different sounds, as well as exploring pitch and tempo.  The children have enjoyed ordering the Billy Goats and trolls by size and further expanding their size-related vocabulary.

The children really enjoyed the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  We looked at non-fiction information books about growing plants and compared the structure and layout of these books with fiction books.  We planted our own beans – broad beans.  We discussed the things that would help our broad bean seeds to grow and the children wrote their own lists.   The children took very good care of their seeds and they enjoyed watering them and watching them grow.  I wonder if any of our broad bean seeds will be magic beans like Jack’s?

The children enjoyed decorating their own Gingerbread biscuits after reading the story ‘The Gingerbread man’.  The children enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain “Run, run, as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man”.

We read the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.  We discussed the right and wrong choices that Goldilocks made in the story and we discussed stranger danger.  The children enjoyed making porridge; measuring out the ingredients and observing and discussing the changes that occurred during the mixing process.  Our porridge was just right!

The children enjoyed lots of different creative activities based around the traditional tales.  They explored and discussed colour mixing by creating their own pink paint to paint the three little pigs.  The children also used a range of different creative media and techniques to create little red riding hood pictures, including stencilling, rubbing, computing and painting.

The whole school were invited to watch a pantomime of Robin Hood.  The children had lots of fun watching it and joining in.

This half term, staff from our local Surestart centre visited our class.  The children really enjoyed the ‘musical movers’ workshop and had lots of fun singing songs, dancing and playing lots of different instruments.  They have also enjoyed the weekly story time sessions.

RD's Spring 2 class work

This half term we have been learning about the world around us and people who help us.  The children have enjoyed finding out about our local area and city.  We have also looked at different occupations and people who help us in our local area. 

We had a visit from some of the staff from our local Sure Start Centre to talk to us about dental health. We learnt about the importance of brushing our teeth and gums to help keep our teeth healthy. We also discussed healthy and unhealthy food and drinks.  The children really enjoyed using the big toothbrush to brush the giant teeth.

The children have really enjoyed looking at different occupations and jobs that help people.  The children wrote about the job they would like to do when they are grown up and they enjoyed sharing this with the class.  The children helped to set up our role-play area as a hospital and they have really enjoyed taking on different imaginative roles through their pretend play.

We celebrated Chinese New Year – the year of the Dog. The children enjoyed learning about how some people celebrate this festival and they enjoyed finding out about China and Liverpool’s China town. We made Chinese lanterns, lucky money wallets and Chinese willow pattern plates. The children enjoyed finding out information and writing down some facts about this festival.  We read the story about the animal race and we found out what animal it was the year they were born.  The children enjoyed taking part in a Chinese Dragon and ribbon dance with class RG and nursery, listening to Chinese music and accompanying the music with different instruments. To end our Chinese celebration, we had a lovely Chinese Banquet!

We celebrated World Book Day and the children enjoyed coming to school dressed up as a character from a book.  All of the children looked fantastic in their costumes – thank you for your continued support.

This half term we have been very lucky and had yoga sessions with the yoga teacher, Amanda.  We have all really enjoyed learning different yoga poses, postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.  

We read the Easter story and discussed how this is a story from the Bible that some people believe.  The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of different Easter-based literacy, mathematical and creative activities.  The children made their own Easter cards and baskets and enjoyed the homework activity to design and create an Easter egg.  We also made our own chocolate nest cakes.  We were very lucky and the Easter bunny visited our class with lots of treats for us all!

RD's Summer 1 class work

This half term we have been learning all about different animals and their habitats.

More information and photographs coming shortly.

The Royal Wedding

To celebrate the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan we had a Royal Wedding party with nursery and class RG.  The children dressed up as princesses, princes, knights, or in red, white and blue clothes.  They all looked fantastic - thank you again for your continued support.  The children also really enjoyed the wedding party preparations, which included writing invitations and party food shopping lists, making Union Jack flags, tiaras and crowns.