6M's Autumn 1 Class Work

We studied events of WW2 and in particular evacuation and how this affected family life. We had an evacuation day when the children came in with their tags on and special requests from their families for their host family.


We studied the book Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian – learning lots about evacuation through the main character William who was evacuated to the countryside where he was taken in by Mr Tom.



The class were set a homework project of making an Anderson Shelter and we had a variety of fantastic designs.



6M's Autumn 2 Class Work

We worked with Hi-Impact to dissect a lamb’s heart to help learn about the circulatory system. It taught us about the different parts of the heart.


Our class novel this half term was Holes by Louis Sachar.



The children enjoyed this book so much it became the theme for our Year 6 Assembly.


Holes also formed the theme for our Class Display.

DT week was held during Autumn 2 and the children had to design, plan and make an electric powered vehicle. We used construction kits to investigate and then worked with partners to try and make a vehicle that moved by electricity.


6M's Spring 1 Class Work

We used world, localised maps and Google Earth to identify sites where the Ancient  Maya civilisations settled. We made our very own maps of North, South and Central America.

Photo Feb 19, 10 03 16 AM.jpg


During this topic we looked at how important religion was to them and designed our own Maya Gods. We discussed the legacies that the Maya left behind such as calendars, writing, astrology and their number system.


In PE the children created, practised and performed their own Maya tribal dances.

6M's Spring 2 Class Work

We are currently studying the novel Wonder by R J Palacio. It is making us all think about how we treat other people, particularly as we will be starting a new school soon, just like Auggie the main character.

Here are some quotes from the children:

‘I enjoy reading wonder because it is funny but it does have some emotional stuff in it. I also enjoy all the reading activities we do.’ (Ruby)
‘We love reading Wonder as it gives us lots inspiration for our writing.’ (Evie)
‘Wonder takes us on an emotional roller coaster. It is a beautiful book although some parts have made me feel frustrated and other parts have made me cry.’ (Eva)
‘I like it because it teaches people with disabilities to not be ashamed of what they look like and it teaches you to respect everyone.’ (Ali)

We are currently busy writing speeches using emotive language trying to express why we should all be accepting of others. We are learning how to develop our confidence and skills needed in order to present a great speech. We will use ICT to produce films of our speeches. We will be performing these and some will be posted here soon!!


Summer 1

We have been learning what legacies the Ancient Greeks left behind and the influences we can see in our lives today. 

We have recently visited The Walker Art Gallery where we looked at Greek Mythology in sculptures and painting.

The children celebrated what they know during our recent SATs week. We are all very proud of the attitudes they have shown. We are now looking forward to continuing our learning ready for secondary school.