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Our last topic in Year 3 will be: why did the Saxons come to England and how did they live? Over the half term, our homework was to see if we could visit the World Museum to look at the Saxon exhibition and see some of the artefacts on display. What can you find out about the Saxons?

We have been practising our measuring skills by finding the perimeter of the different Saxon kingdoms of the UK. We used string to trace the shape and then measured the string we had used using a ruler. We had great fun working together in teams!


In Computing we practised our typing skills and learnt how to put hyperlinks into a PowerPoint presentation. Some of us even managed to put a home button on each page to link back to the contexts page!

Photo 28-06-2018, 11 49 57.jpg
We looked at different pictures of Saxon motifs before designing our own. It was fun to sketch my own pattern with the art pencils!
— Brionny

We compared modern purses to purses in the Saxon times. We thought about how the uses of the purse, the materials it is made from and the way they are made have changed over time. We made our own simple purse using felt and a simple running stitch. Have a look at our work by clicking through the gallery below!

Last week was Food and Nutrition Week, we did lots of fun activities to learn about healthy eating and the journey of food from farm to shelf. We took part in a special workshop with Junior Chefs to make a tropical fruit crunch. 


To start our topic we looked at the human and physical features of two contrasting parts of Europe: Liverpool and Geirangerfjord. We used the atlases and iPads to find out some interesting facts about Scandinavia before comparing and contrasting the maritime city and the glacial fjord. We loved sailing down a fjord using Google Earth!


For the first half of the Summer term our topic was: Why were the Romans so powerful and what can we learn from them? We have loved learning all about the Romans and their impact on Britain, both at the time and how we still use Roman ideas today. 

Have a look at some of the exciting things we did...

As a special treat to finish our topic, we enjoyed trying different Italian foods including: pesto, olives, focaccia, ciabatta, pizza and crostini with pesto, mozzarella and basil. Some we really liked, others we weren't too fussed on! Can you guess which were our favourites?


Hi-Impact came in to share a 'Now Press Play' story with us. It was set in the Roman times! We acted out the story and saw Boudicca's rebellion from a different perspective.


We were very lucky to have a special visitor from the University of Chester, Dr Pudney, who brought with her lots of Roman artefacts for us to look at. We had a very informative afternoon and enjoyed sharing all our learning with her and asking lots of questions!

We reenacted the battle between Boudicca and the Romans! We had fun using the face paints and imagining what it would have been like to be a Roman soldier or part of the Iceni tribe. We took photos of 3J's battle and used Piccollage to make our own collages.


In preparation for our visit from an archaeologist, we had a go at being virtual archaeologists using the 'Londinium' app. We found different artefacts and could see images of Roman remains in London.


To start our unit on instruction writing we followed instructions to make our own Roman bread bowl.


We looked at examples of modern mosaics to see if we could work out what a mosaic was. We then researched Roman mosaics, including common designs and where they have been found. We designed our own mosaic and then wrote instructions for how to make one if a Roman came knocking asking to see yours!


We started our topic by reading the story of 'Romulus and Remus'. We used the iPads to take photos of different scenes from the story before editing them together into a video and retelling the story as the audio.


We enjoyed sculpting clay volcanoes in the art room, we had been inspired by looking at Andy Warhol's painting of Vesuvius. We will paint them and watch some of the eruptions with 3J using the mentos/coke experiment.


Our parents came in to visit us for a Drop Everything and Read session (DEAR). We enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our parents.


A special treat was being visited by the Smoothie Bike, this fitted with our PSHE topic of 'Healthy Me' and built our knowledge from looking at healthy eating and our bodies in Science. We got to taste some different smoothies after peddling hard on the bike!


Here are 3P on World Book Day, can you guess who we are dressed as?

We took part in a special PE activity, we exercised to raise money for charity by being sponsered by our friends and family to take part. The atmosphere was great and everyone was cheering each other on!


We have been learning all about the Mediterranean and its key countries and their cities. During our topic we have researched the distances to these places from Liverpool and even got to plan a special holiday to Mount Etna. We now know just how tricky it is to make sure a holiday runs smoothly.


Here 3P are using an online map to help us locate key points of interest on a map. In other lessons we have used a globe and our brand new atlases.


During the Christmas term we were very lucky to have the chance to film an advert using the greenscreen. We had planned our advert using a story board after researching different adverts and what made them effective. They are still being edited but watch this space!


During Art we have been practising taking photos and editing them, we have been using fossils as our subject. We thought about what it takes to capture an effective photo before having a go ourselves.


In English we learn about lots of different genres, including poetry. Our favourite part of this unit was preparing special shape poems to share with the other Year 3 class. It was helpful to hear our feedback from our friends next door.


We had an exciting lesson on apostrophes and had the opportunity to take part in contractions surgery, we were very excited about the masks!