3Js Class Work

Welcome to our class page! Have a little scroll through all the exciting things that we have been up to this year - scan any QR codes to have a look at any videos or websites that we've used in class! 

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Today (12th July), we went to Chester to visit the Roman Museum! We had so much fun! For our first activity, we had to march around Chester town with shields as part of our Roman soldier training! After lunch, we then looked around the museum and even got to dig for some artefacts - we found roman jugs and coins and all sorts! At the end, we got to dress up as Romans - some of us were soldiers and some of us slaves! We then got to go the to shop and buy some gifts - some of us bought swords, shields, pencils, coins, necklaces and rings!

As England play in the semi-finals tonight, it's only fair that we spent our morning at a World Cup Maths Carousel! We moved around our room in groups, completing activities including; telling the time, statistics, word problems and times tables! We then spent time in our handwriting books, writing World Cup sentences including our weekly spellings! One sentence was 'Harry Kane will probably score tonight' - let's hope this comes true! COME ON ENGLAND!


This half term in PE, we're doing Games! We have looked at the different skills in Cricket and were able to play a game this week! Some of our batting skills were wonderful!


This week, we have read the book Beowulf in class! We have loved learning about this legend and were excited to turn every page of the book! We used Pie Corbett's story mapping to remember the story! Take a look a some of our wonderful maps!


As we are looking at the Anglo Saxons, we decided to look at their kingdoms and measured them with string to find the perimeter (not to scale!). We had to use our fingers a lot as the kingdoms have various edges and curves!


We love doing work on our whiteboards in class. This week we have been working hard revising measurement!


We have been working hard on transerrring our reports on Trial by Ordeal onto Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. We used each page as a subheading and even added a contents page - inserting hyperlinks to make it quicker to use!


We have been making the most of the hot weather so far! We have made sure we've sat in the shade whilst reading some of our books!


As part of our Anglo Saxon topic, we have researched and looked at different motifs. We then sketched our own using some of the design and pattern ideas we looked at.


This week is Food and Nutrition Week, we have complete lots of fun activities to help us learn about where different foods come from and how they travel to our supermarket! We took part in a workshop with Junior Chef where we made a tropical fruit crunch!


As part of our DT week, we decided to use our sewing skills to make an Anglo Saxon purse! We had a look at purses from then compared to the purses we have now - they were very different! We worked hard threading the needle and concentrated on having an even running stitch!


This week, we have been learning about trial by ordeal and how the Saxons created it. We have researched the different types of punishment and have decided we definitely would not like to have lived in those times! We wouldn't want to be accused of any crimes and have to face the hot poker or the trial by combat! After researching it and writing notes down in our Topic books, we all wrote a chronological report in our Literacy books - take a look at some of our finished pieces of work!

*Pictures to come week beginning 25/06/18*

Sometimes, if we finish our History work early, we love to use the iPads to scan the QR codes in our topic area and read different websites to learn even more than what we already know! This term, we are learning about the Anglo - Saxons and have scanned the QR codes to learn about their culture, their everyday lives, their beliefs and Saxon Briton.


To end our topic on the Romans, were able to try lots of different Roman food! We tried; pizza, olives, mozzarella, pesto, olive oil, and ciabatta, We were very proud of ourselves for trying different foods that some of us aren't used to!  


We had another visit from Hi Impact where we participated in 'Now Press Play'. We each wore a set of headphones and listened to a story told by a little child and their experience of the battle of Boudicca. We had so much fun acting out the story and imagining that we were actually there!



For Summer One, we have been looking at the Romans and have had so much fun! Coming to the end of the topic, we invited a real life archaeologist from Chester University into school. She had so many replicas of Roman artefacts that she has dug up over the years. We were able to look at an artefact in pairs in more detail and presented it to the rest of our Year group in the hall. Caroline told us a little more about them and then we were able to ask her lots of questions - we had so many! She told us she had nearly found a whole Roman army uniform! 

Through learning about Bouddica and how she stood up against the Romans, we got t re-enact the battle of Bouddica! Half of us were Celts and half of us were Romans. We really got stuck into it with our face paint and even some plastic swords and shields! We had so much fun and used the iPads to create a Pic Collage afterwards! Take a look at our battle and some of the digital media we created! To scroll across, click on the picture futherest on the right.

We used the 'Londinium' app on the iPads to pretend to be archaeologists and dig up artefacts! We found lots of interesting things including; a terracotta jug, spearheads, oil lamps, a bronze arrowhead and a mosaic from a Roman home! Take a look and swipe right to see us in action!

As part of our Literacy and History, we researched mosaics and wrote instructions on how to create them. We found lots of different Roman patterns on the internet!

As part of Drama in Literacy, we took photos of freeze frames of different scenes of the myth Romulus and Remus. We then created a Pic Collage and added the photos and come text. Take a look at some of our finished products!

For our Geography topic, we made volcanoes! We used the iPads to research volcanoes around the world - our favorite was Mount Vesuvius! We had to use clay to mould the volcanoes and then, a few days later, we used different colours to paint them. After they had dried, we went outside to explode them! We mixed washing up liquid, vinegar, water, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring to watch them erupt. 


As part of our Volcano topic, we planned a trip to Italy to look at Mount Vesuvius! We had to find the cheapest flights, hotel and day trip. Whoever's was the cheapest won!

This week in school, we had our 'Drop Everything and Read' morning where our parents were allowed to come in and read some of out favourite books with us!

We were visited by Smoothie Bike which linked in with our 'Healthy Me' topic in PSHE. We looked at healthy foods and how they help our bodies. We had to pedal to blend the fruits together to make our smoothies - they were scurmptious! 


Each week we spend time practising our spellings in class as well as at home. This week it was lovely and sunny, so we sat outside on the playground and used our whiteboards!

CONTRACTION SURGERY! For this lesson, we practised our contractions and where the apostrophes go. We had to use our surgeon masks to cut up the two works and pop the plaster in as the apostrophe!


WORLD BOOK DAY! Can you guess what we were all dressed as? Scroll along to have a look at us all in our outfits!