Modern Foreign Language (Spanish)

At Broad Square we believe that children should be immersed in a rich and varied curriculum which includes the teaching of a modern foreign language. Children in key stage 1 begin to learn the language through interactive games and songs to foster a love of learning a foreign language. In key stage 2, the children work from the Catherine Cheater schemes of work and learn according to the progression in skills document adapted from the language ladder. The children receive 30 minutes of Spanish each week which is followed up with 5 minute activities during the week, such as during register time. Each class in key stage 2 receives half an hour a week in the summer term with a specialist language teacher. The school has a Spanish day each half term to consolidate learning and give the children the opportunity to apply their Spanish knowledge in a cross curricular way. In Key Stage 1, children enjoy speaking and listening activities and games, with key stage 2 children gradually move towards a writing and grammar focus. The children in Broad Square love learning Spanish and approach the subject with great enthusiasm.

Click Here for the progression in knowledge and skills ladder