The aim of history teaching at Broad Square is to inspire the children’s interest and understanding about past, considering changes of time and the lives of significant individuals. We aim to deliver a high quality, diverse and challenging history curriculum that will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Through studying local and British history, as well as significant aspects of the History of the wider world, the children build an understanding of their own identity and a wider cultural understanding. Children build their understanding of chronology, comparing and contrasting the significance of events and the impact on our lives today; it is hoped children will be better able to make their own life choices today by considering the legacies of the lives of others. We endeavour that on leaving Broad Square children will have acquired the skills necessary to judge the significance of past events, make judgements using a range of sources and understand why others may have different interpretations. Teaching in Broad Square aims to equip pupils to think critically, weigh evidence and sift arguments increasingly independently. History teaching at Broad Square presents children with questions for historical enquiry and the opportunity to ask their own questions about the past. It is through these questions that children will be required to understand human complexity, the process of change, diversity of society and the relationships between different groups.

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