The curriculum for years 1-6

Our unique curriculum complements the 2014 National Curriculum. In Broad Square Primary School we strive to develop the whole person by providing an inspiring, rich and broad programme, which is relevant and develops a thirst for learning. Closing the achievement gap is central to our aims so that all of our children leave school with the best chances to succeed in life. We make every effort to use a themed cross-curricular approach to embed learning and immerse children in the topics. In order to make learning meaningful we use the resources, attractions and places of interest that our local and wider Liverpool community has to offer.

Planned visits and outings, which provide real-life experiences, are central to the children’s learning journey. In addition to this, they will have a series of memorable learning experiences, which may include inspirational speakers, key visitors and themed topic days. We use a broad range of teaching strategies that take into account the ways in which children learn, to foster engagement, motivation and creativity.

We endeavour to provide our children with the knowledge and life-skills necessary to prepare them for the next stage of their development.

Our curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development of pupils and equips children with the confidence to apply these in later life.

Topic/Curriculum Webs

Topic webs are sent home half termly to give parents an indication of the work that will be covered. Copies can be found on this page.

The Early Years foundation Stage (EYFS)

In our Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes) we ensure that our children learn and develop well in a safe environment.  We promote teaching and learning at the child’s own pace to ensure “School readiness”.  We build on the skills the children have and also develop a broad range of skills and knowledge that provide a firm foundation for a positive future in school and life.  We work in partnership with parents/carers and other outside agencies to ensure all children are included and supported. 

The Wider Curriculum

During the year we broaden children’s experiences through trips and visits linked to topics which bring learning to life for the children. We also aim to introduce children to as many new activities as possible to allow them to experience a range of activities they would not have met before.  These take place after school, during lunchtime and on Friday afternoons; they include dance, drama, table tennis, sewing etc. Additional activities link here

During the Year 6 residential children are encouraged to participate in many different activities including abseiling, climbing, raft building, orienteering and assault courses.

In the summer term we hold our school sports day which is an inter house, competitive sports competition where children in each class compete against each other to try and win the coveted “Sports Day Shield.”

We enter a wide range of competitions through our participation in the Liverpool School Sports Programme. This includes athletics, Kinball, basketball, hockey, football and other opportunities that arise.

Here is what your child will be learning over the coming terms. If you require any further information on the school curriculum, please make an appointment to speak to the class teacher or subject co-ordinator.

Curriculum Maps

Reading and Phonics

In Foundation Stage children become familiar with story language and poetry. They repeat words and phrases and begin to recognise rhythm in the spoken word and rhyme. They identify familiar words and signs. Early phonic phases are introduced which focus on hearing the sounds in words and linking sounds to letters.

This is continued in KS1 with children developing different strategies to help decode new words when reading and phonics is applied to spelling through the Letters and Sounds programme.

Oxford Reading Tree and Collins BigCat are the main reading schemes used in KS1. The LA spelling toolkit is used across the school and children become more familiar with a wide range of text types and develop higher order reading skills further e.g. inference and deduction.

At all stages children are involved in shared, paired, group, guided or independent reading and reading for pleasure is nurtured. Parents are encouraged to listen to their children read at home and to talk about books/read stories to their children

Pupils have access to the newly updated school library and a ‘Reading Buddy’ club operates between years 5/6 and year 2 pupils. Paper copies of the children’s newspaper ‘First News’ are available to years 1-6 and there are linked online activities. An interactive IT phonics and spelling program ‘Reading Eggs’ can be accessed in school and at home.

The school also offers reading intervention for pupils who are not making expected progress or who find reading difficult.

For further information on The National Curriculum please follow the link below.

Here at Broad Square Primary we promote British values across the entire curriculum. Click the link below to see how this is achieved.


Extra-curricular Activities

The link below contains a table of all the the extra-curricular activities, trips and visitors that enhance your child's learning experience.