We recognise the important of ICT and Computing as a lifelong learning tool at Broad Square Primary School and recognition of the value of computing in all learning is key to our approach.  Computing is taught in a variety of ways; where necessary, specific ICT skills are taught in discrete lessons; however, teaching also takes place using a cross-curricular approach. This allows children to transfer computing knowledge and skills and use technology for a real purpose.

In order to promote the importance of computing, the use of specific computing equipment (such as computer programmable toys) is provided to ensure children are aware of current technologies and have the opportunity to learn key skills through their use from foundation stage to year 6.

Alongside our ICT partners, Hi-Impact, we aim to plan exciting, yet realistic, ICT opportunities for children in all year groups, with a specific focus on science and other key skills. We also have a training program to ensure that staff are up to date with all of the latest techniques and software in order to deliver these opportunities successfully to the children.

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