Art & Design

We aim to encourage children’s natural creativity so that they can become confident and enthusiastic artists.

We will help the children explore the world at first hand using their senses and experimentation to gain knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. The children will be given opportunity to express their ideas, feelings, thoughts and experiences in a visual form and promote enjoyment in all art activities.  They will be taught about experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques.  They will be encouraged to explore creativity in art, craft and design using a range of materials to design and make products using colours and patterns.

In Key Stage 2, they will develop ability to use a sketchbook as a ‘notebook’ for ideas and observations.

We will teach children to look carefully at images and artifacts from the past, the present and from other cultures. We will help children communicate confidently and develop aesthetic judgments applied to their own work, to the work of others and to the world around them.

The lessons will usually have cross-curricular connections and be linked with current themes and topics. They will be given opportunity to work independently, as a class and as part of a group to develop their work.

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